COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures

We are committed to using information from official public agencies as trusted sources of information, including Alberta Health Services, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Alberta Education, the World Health Organization, and AHS COVID-19 FAQ’s.

Our staff understand the difficulty our students and families face when responding to illness and symptoms, in the likelihood that it will result in missing school. Our teachers utilize Google Classroom and will be able to provide assigned work for absent students. You can also contact our teaching staff through email.  A link to our Normandeau School Website and all of the teachers’ direct email is here:  Staff Directory. We all want to work with you to ensure that your child can stay up to date with their school work.



1. Daily Screening Practices - Complete Screening Checklist Daily

* Every day, prior to sending students to school, we ask that parents complete the daily Screening Checklist. It is extremely important that this screening is done daily for each student. If you answer yes to any of the questions, please follow the instructions provided at the bottom of the checklist. 

2. Stay Home When Sick

*Any student with new or worsening symptoms must not attend school. Parents may call Health Link 811 or their primary health care practitioner, and fill out the AHS Online Self-Assessment tool to determine if their child should be tested. 

This website outlines the Alberta Government's expectations regarding students staying home when sick.

3. Responding to Illness While at School 

Students exhibiting signs of illness will be moved to the school’s sick room for isolation. Parents/guardians will be notified immediately and advised to pick up their child. If the parent is unable to pick up their child, they must designate an emergency contact. This is a responsibility all families must adhere to.

4. Pre-Existing Conditions That Mimic COVID-19

We recognize that many of our students have allergies or ongoing health issues that are similar to Covid-19. If this is the case for your child, the individual must be tested at least once according to the Alberta Education’s re-entry guidelines. This test will establish a baseline for the individual. If symptoms change (worsen, additional symptoms, change in baseline) the individual must stay home and be tested and cleared. Parents can then go into the Medical section of RSVP in their Parent PowerSchool account, or contact the school at 403-343-2455, and list the symptoms that are typical for their child and teacher will all have access to this information.



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